Research Work

Work is changing fast. My job is changing – your job is changing. There is a genuine question mark on the future of work; having a job with rights, security, status, structure and even pay could soon be thing of the past.

Are the new work rites (sic) the rules of the jungle? Have we reached ‘peak’ employment and is the future mostly casual and gig work? What’s does the future look like for entry level workers? And equally, how will older workers (unable to afford retirement) keep going?

Research Work is a journalism and grassroots research project organised by Edunity. The aim is to discover, document and discuss contemporary work issues. We don’t claim to have the answers – or even fully understand the questions – but we are convinced that we (as a community) need to talk about how work is working for everyday people.

Suggest a story for Research Work. We’ll partner with you to get that story into the public discussion about the future of work. We can’t follow-up every story, but we can bring an experienced eye to your story ideas.

Discretion assured – anonymous tip offs welcome

Anonymous tip offs are welcome however we are more able to follow-up stories if we have your contact information. Feel free to use snail-mail for documents (Research Work, 202/517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000)

Greg Day is a journalist and social researcher with three decades of experience in communicating about work issues.

Highlights include
Concept and content for the popular ACTU’s Worksite for schools.
Creation and fundraising for ACTU / Red Stitch touring theatre for schools
Multiple campaigns for the Commonwealth on vocational opportunities for youth