Edunity helps SES promote Storm Safety


Edunity SES Storm Safe Online Game







StormSafe Awareness Week is Monday 9 – Sunday 15 September 2013

Edunity and have produced the StormSafe education program for the Victoria State Emergency Service to teach parents, teachers and kids about preparing for storms.

Students can test who is the fastest mouse click in the west when they use the StormSafe Online Game to trim back overhanging tree branches, put away garden furniture, toys and trampolines and clear the gutters of leaf litter and muck.

The game reinforces the SES key messages of

  • unsecured items in backyards can cause damage to people and property
  • it’s easy to make your property storm safe
  • kids can help their households to be storm safe.

Along with the game, Edunity have produced a set of lesson plans and activities for teachers, with full AusVELs links for Prep – Year 8.

Play the game at


FloodSafe Awareness game launched for the Victorian State Emergency Service

Floodwater is dangerous, play the FloodSafe game to find out why.

Playing in floodwater exposes your kids to more than just the risks of drowning. Edunity have produced an online game for kids to discover what’s lurking in the murk as part of FloodSafe Awareness Week 2013.

Using a magnifying glass, kids get an underwater view of what’s down there in the floodwater. With a 60 second time players have to identify the hazards coming down the river. Catch a rotten branch, a dead animal or something even… smellier.

Illustrating perfectly the key messages of hidden hazards in floodwater, the game is accessible on computers, smartphones or tablet devices and its fast pace makes it appealing to children of all ages.

Alongside the game Edunity have produced a set of lesson plans for Victorian teachers from Prep – Year 8 with linking support materials, worksheets and AusVELS connections.

Discover what’s lurking in the murk, play the game here. Angela scored 235 see if you can beat her!

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