First time job seekers are urged to check their online self

Students are urged to check the privacy settings on their social media accounts and to search for their online self to see what prospective employers might find.

According to ACTU Worksite, many young job seekers don’t realise that employers will often use the web to check out job applicants.

Watch ACTU Worksite’s interview hopeful Ralph – we’re not sure his neat suit and tie and great resume will save him from this … watch now.

Radical Ralph

Wazup? says Radical Ralph

Radical Ralph was dreamt up by Melbourne-based writer and actor Tim Potter. (You might’ve seen Tim recently on the SBS comedy hit Legally Brown or in his regular stage gig with Red Stitch Actors Theatre. Radical Ralph is played by fellow actor Matt Whitty.)

The video is part of the popular website which is visited by over 10,000 secondary school students every month.

Top tips from ACTU Worksite for Schools
• Google your name to see what comes up.
• Get a professional sounding email address, simple variations on your name are best
• Create a professional sounding voicemail on your phone. If you miss a call from a potential employer it means they will get a good first impression.

Visit for lots of interesting stuff for first time job seekers.

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