Words and pictures. That’s what we do. With decades in community publications, we can tell a story.
We also collate information and repackage it to make it really useful for the audience.
Most importantly we care about journalism and ethics.
Old fashioned but we love it.


We organise events, especially political and community events.
We have organised dozens of town hall style forums, both face-to-face and online.
We specialise in political events that are balanced and fair.
We sweat the detail so you can enjoy the event.


Edunity started out as Education Image Pty Ltd in 1984. Our first client was the Victorian Teachers Union. Later we started working for the ACTU, Quit Victoria and the state government on targeted education programs. Soon after we pioneered HIV/AIDS and delivered significant national programs on education and training. In 2010, we adopted Edunity as our trading name to better reflect our focus on community and education.