Selected news related to the Metropolitan Transport Forum’s ABCs (Active, Buses & Choices)

Melbourne Cycle Super Highways added to the Infrastructure Australia Priority List.

Proposed by RACV, IA noted that the bicycle network is not currently meeting community needs and expectations of a safer, lower-stress and better-connected network. The next stage is for the RACV to identify initiatives and develop options

Infrastructure Australia Priority List: Cycling access to Melbourne CBD (see page 135)   | RACV comment

Frankston public transport connectivity added to IA priority list

Proposed by the Committee for Greater Frankston, IA notes that public transport is not keeping up with population growth.

The initiative is for public transport connectivity improvements to, and through, Frankston. These could include optimising the existing bus network, increasing bus service frequency and coverage, plus upgrades to rail services and infrastructure.

Infrastructure Australia: Frankston public transport connectivity(page 139) |C4GF media

Inquiry into Expanding Melbourne’s Free Tram Zone

The reporting date for this inquiry has been extended to 1 September 2020. The close of public submissions on 31 January prompted a flurry of coverage. PTUA says scrap it, Sally Capp (in a private capacity) says extend it. Basically, it’s a two-way split, PT advocates generally against, business / tourism / education in favour. Expect more in this Council election year.

PTUA submission  | Ms Capp | Weblink for committee

Boris promises £5b for buses

The UK will spend an extra £5b for London Style buses alongside their massive £100b high speed rail linking northern England to London.

The £5bn over five years would result in more frequent services, including on Sundays, a simpler fare structure, and new priority schemes to allow buses to skirt traffic jams.

Outside London, UK buses are notoriously infrequent and unreliable, and subject to savage cuts since Thatcher.

Guardian UK: Boris Johnson bets on HS2 to deliver new spine of UK transport
WIRED: Forget the HS2 hype, buses are Boris Johnson’s real masterstroke

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