Presentation to MTF 1 July 2020
Brett Langley
A/Head of Transport Services, Department of Transport

Brett Langley presented on the wide-ranging impacts of the COVID 19 transport network, which he described as being part of a pervasive emergency context since the start of 2020.

He commented on the department’s response, its work with the Department of Health, its continuing monitoring of patronage and staff wellbeing, and also what strategic actions it is considering providing greater flexibility for the system into the future.

Topics included

Restrictions saw a 90 per cent drop in public transport patronage
Restrictions also caused a 40 per cent drop in traffic
Traffic volumes have returned to ~85% as restrictions have eased
Movement of freight remains a priority
Changing travel patterns on arterial road network
PT patronage has climbed back to ~ 30 per cent
Drive Easy COVID-19 Congestion Management Interventions
Challenges & opportunities for 2021 and beyond

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